You’ve stumbled upon one heck of a site! Here is where I store my delicious recipes and post about fitness! But first, let me tell you a bit about me so you understand why I’ve decided to create this blog! I was born and raised in sunny California, and moved to my new home, Pennsylvania in the fall of 2014. To be quite honest when I was younger I never worried about fitness. Being slim most of my life, I never had the “need” to understand it. Crazy, right?! Well once I graduated from high school (Northern Cali) I packed my car with 7 boxes and drove straight to LA. Where I then partied pretty hard and ate whatever, whenever. Not only that but I’ve suffered a great deal with anxiety my whole life but never identified what it really was until 3-4 years ago (which I can talk about in a blog) Anywho, I gained weight the year I moved to Pennsylvania. You can probably guess what was next, ragging on your own body and being depressed. And boy did it suck. I finally did something about it, I figured if I was in the gym or eating real food with that amount I complained about gaining weight I’d be pretty fit by now. So I read books on nutrition, and hit the gym. 2 years later and my anxiety has pretty much vanished, and I’m more healthy now than I ever have been!! REAL food is EVERYTHING and I’m here to talk about it with you! #LetsLIFTeachother