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Isolated? Under Quarantine? Still working because essentially we need YOU? It is a very weird time in the world right now, but what if we all needed this time to  relax… recharge… restart… Although most of us have this time away from work- I do thank all the essential workers out there right now; Doctors, Nurses, Bankers, Plumbers, Mailmen, Auto Mechanics… all of YOU! Who would have thought we would be living through a time like this? Staying in our house has been challenging for some of us, but it’s what we need to do to keep us healthy, to keep us going! I know many of us are pacing our homes figuring out the next task we need to do to keep busy. I on the other in between the cleaning and cooking and playing card games…. sat here, and debated if this was the right time to get back into what I’ve loved doing, BLOGGING. I had so many post ideas and mouth watering recipes right before I took this yearly break. So why did I take a break?

Wedding planning? Two jobs? Planning events for my best friends wedding? It was a lot. And still is….

So let me back up and fill you in, we got engaged back in 2018, I wanted a 2020 wedding so our date is October 10, 2020 and we are SUPER EXCITED!! Planning has actually been fairly easier since we are doing a smaller wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii- p.s I AM NOT A PLANNER !! So doing it this route helped!  At the beginning of our planning it was difficult to decide the location of our wedding – this is where most of my stress came from so big shout out to my family and friends for listening to me bitch like this decision was life or death. With me being from California and Ken being from and us currently living in Pennsylvania it was extra tough! But my heart always knew what it wanted. I’ve always wanted an Island wedding since … welp forever (lets say probably since I was in Middle School). And then my best friend got engaged about a year after me but wanted a shorter engagement- so her’s is summer of 2020!! Also super exciting!! Her original date was May 9, 2020 however, she did need to postpone her wedding because of the current events of COVID-19. As tough as pushing your special day back we all just have to hold our heads high and remember we are all in this together !! 

So now that I caught you up a smudge about weddings, I’ll quickly fill you in about my two jobs. I have always wanted a second job only because I get very bored at home and now that we had multiple upcoming events to pay for- the time NOW was better than ever. 2019 and so far 2020 have been a bit exhausting but these past 10 days have refreshed my thoughts, it has helped me take steps back and remember how it felt to be well… in my time! It has made me realize I put so much before what I enjoy to do as a hobby, more so that I don’t give myself a time of the day to set aside… and well, I need to. Not that wedding planning and working two jobs isn’t fun because I enjoy my jobs, and I enjoy being apart of a huge milestone for myself AND my best friend!! But come on, at times it takes a toll.

So here I am, ready to cook, write, post, and chat!

❤ Jess

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