Hello Friends 🙂 

Just starting my blog out! The past 2 years I’ve fallen in love with health, fitness, and nutrition. I’m an advocate for REAL food, and trying my best to convert each meal into my best decision. Before I started this journey, sluggish and anxious were my everyday feelings. After eating each meal I grew sicker and sicker. With reading Dr. Josh Axe’s National Bestseller “Eat Dirt” I realized how much food impacts us. I immediately started reading more on nutrition, doing more research, and more trips to the farmers market! I’d be lying if I said transitioning to a healthier lifestyle was easy. Don’t let my recipes or the fact that I have this blog on health fool you, there are times where I don’t eat all organic, there are times when I eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. And my wine nights, oh, girl you already know! But I can say I’ve dropped 25 lbs, decreased my anxiety by a lotttt, gained confidence, and feel healthier than ever. Enjoy my recipes and if you have any questions you can contact me on here, email or Instagram.

OKAYYY *UPDATE* 11/3/21- Wow, that was years ago! I really need to update this 😂. But I can’t just delete that, right? That was a time in my life where I felt my best! I was on my grind with health and wellness. That up there is my motivation!

I can honestly say a few things have changed since my old self wrote that. But not too much! I still love cooking, I still love learning about nutrition and I am currently trying to refocus myself. I recently took on a new job and it has given me LIFE! The last couple of years haven’t been the best when it came to overall happiness, motivation and routine (I found I’m a very routine driven person!) and now I feel like I have time back in my life where I can put my hobbies as priorities and not on the back burner.

I am also taking full ownership of falling off the clean eating lifestyle. A few years ago during Christmas, I said screw it …. I’m going to indulge (funny enough I remember that exact moment, I remember saying it and I remember just not caring for a while.) I don’t know what it was but I just kind of just “gave up”. I gave up on being consistent, I gave up on my fitness goals, I gave up on this blog that I love oh-so much 😎 And to this day- I have that one thought…. “JESSICA, do you know all that you could have accomplished if you would have just stuck with being consistent?!” But guess what, it happened and we can’t go back sooo the one thing I’ve come to is I can always start again instead of dwelling on it. So here I am, ready to go! Remember, each day is a new opportunity! And most importantly, I am so excited for all of the recipes I will be posting!